Saturday, 9 November 2013

Japanese Illustration and William Blake

I did a Literature search yesterday and had a mild anxiety attack over the fact that I can find very little on the Emaki Hand Scrolls and E-hon Picture books in Japan. I did find this translation guide of three Japanese E-hon:
There is only a little interplay between the text and the images though, and it the text isn't so much a narrative but unrelated poem. A little disappointing. I've studied a little on William Blake but haven't found much in the book I have with me but the "Image & Text" book I have at home looks promising. I might put in an extra hour or two when I get home and have eaten.
Here's some notes.
  • Movable type took a long time to catch on in Japan because of the amount of characters in the Japanese language. Instead text was carved into the same woodblock as the illustration. This may have encouraged greater homogeneity in Japanese books.
  • Kibyoshi books may be more relevent to your study.
  • Hokusai's "Manga" did not have narrative, It was more the expressive nature of the images that has influenced contemporary manga.
  • William Blakes looked back to the illuminated manuscript and block book for his illustration.
  • Writer illustrator who used relief etching to compose pages homogeneous text and illustration.
  • Text was hand written in some cases and original.
  • While in medieval manuscripts, as images got more 3 dimensional, borders and barriers were built to reconcile the 3 dimensial image with the 2 dimensional text. Blake makes both the image and the text 2d to reconcile with the flatness of the picture plane. (example: Jeruselem, 1818)
Thought I'd do a bit of a literature search... again. Maybe if I save the Pdfs to my dropbox and cite them all here, I won't lose track of them this time.
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Urgh I need to do more...
If I had the capability to stop time... I'd be 80 years old by now.

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